How Do You Apply for Section 8 Housing?

1. Learn how Section 8 works.

Housing Choice Vouchers are managed by local public housing authorities. Vouchers can either be tenant based or project based:

tenant-based voucher - The tenant receives a voucher from public housing authorities and the tenant can bring the housing assistance wherever their household goes. project-based voucher - The housing assistance is attached to the property or rental unit, and whoever resides in the unit is the one who will receive the housing benefits.

2. Are you qualified?

Your qualifications will depend on multiple factors. This includes the total income of everyone in your household (except those who are below 18 years old), average income in your area, your assets, and others. The most basic requirements are the following:

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Finding the Perfect Home to Rent

Rethinking your present living situation? Trying to search for the perfect rental home that will fit your lifestyle and budget? Help make your hunt smarter and more efficient by following these steps:

STEP 1: Discover what you can actually pay.

Before looking for a place to rent, check your budget. Find out where most of your hard-earned cash is going. Generally, you should be spending no more than 30% of your earnings towards rent or housing costs. Is this doable? Remember that you have to include grocery costs, transportation expenses, and other expenditures. You have to factor in utility costs as well, not unless your landlord has these included in the rental amount.

You might be thinking how is 30% doable? You may want to consider checking out Section 8 housing program. It is a federal program managed locally by public housing agencies that assist low-income individuals or households in paying for rent. This program has housing vouchers that you can use almost anywhere in the country. Or you can opt for the project-based rental assistance which is attached to certain properties, where you as a tenant can receive housing assistance as long as you are living in the unit receiving the benefit.

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